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The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ... women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.
Louise Otto
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Sister Actions
Read about activities and actions of women’s groups, organizations and networks around the Globe.

Gender Evaluation Methodology Seminar in Sarajevo: Creation of SEE Network Of GEM Users
Елеонора Делова | 18 October 2007
The seminar aims to discuss all matters related to women rights, with a special focus on ICT (Information and Communication technologies) integration into the gender. In addition, OWPSEE wants to try to create a strong SEE community of GEM users, having in mind that evaluation is a very powerful tool, truly relevant for ICT and Gender projects. 

PitchWise - festival of women arts 2007
Eleonora Delova | 31 August 2007
PitchWise is rooted in the idea that the transformative power of art can mobilize an individual to make the needed changes in one’s life without expecting dramatic transformations, but rather to find inspiration and strength in the process which is in itself the carrier of change. 

ICT in support of small-town women in Bulgaria
Christina Haralanova | 8 May 2007
T-Centre Dryanovo launches a project for creating more opportunities before women through access to ICT. “ICT in support of small-town women” is one of the 9 projects recognised among 72 applications in a contest of Bulgarian Women Fund “2007 European Year for Equal Opportunities for All, for Women and Men”. 

New website: femLINKPACIFIC: Media Initiatives for Women
| 25 April 2007
On Tuesday 24 April 2007, femLINKPACIFIC: Media Initiatives for Women will launch its new website, which has been developed as a key component of its Regional Media Project for the promotion of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, titled, Women, Peace and Security. 

AMARC WIN calls for the integration of gender perspectives in community media
Christina Haralanova | 23 April 2007
AMARC International Vice President Mavic Cabrera-Balleza for the Women’s International Network called on community media practitioners to ensure the integration of gender in their work. As part of the recently concluded Our Media 6th International Conference in Sydney, Australia (April9-13,2007) Cabrera-Balleza organized the panel discussion “Government and corporate media on one hand, community media and independent media on the other—challenges and potentials for women.” 

March 2007: EFF Secretariat news
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 15 March 2007
The EFF is an exciting concept; very new, quite experimental, challenging and needed. Many people are involved in making it a successful ongoing interaction between European feminists that will lead to a new understanding of feminism in the 21st century, and provide us all with new ideas of paths to follow to create a feminist Europe. We are looking forward to working with you throughout the year as we share ideas, debate issues and exchange knowledge. 

m(A)rs po svoja prava :: go get UR rights MaRch
Taida Horozovic | 28 February 2007
We invite you to join us in the action entitled «March for your rights,» whereby we would like to draw attention to discrimination of women in all spheres of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, our intention is to show that the 8th of March is in fact a day when women started their everlasting struggle for equality in political and other decision making processes, employment and especially education. 


Third Option or the Visions of Possibility that Comes from Young Women
Taida Horozovic | 7 February 2007

The WSF 2007: Another world is not possible without women
| 2 February 2007

EFF: New European Feminisms
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 25 January 2007

UNIFEM: Gender and HIV/AIDS Electronic Library on CD-ROM
| 4 January 2007

AWID report: Money and Movements
| 20 November 2006

Women on Web: I had an abortion
| 29 June 2006

My Impressions from the AWID Forum 2005
Christina Haralanova | 8 November 2005

Innovative Mobile Help-Line For Women Tops The 2005 Gender And ICT Awards
Lenka Simerska | 31 October 2005

Macedonian Women Contribute To The Localization Of Free Software
Jordana Petruševska | 26 October 2005

Gender and ICT Training for Planning and Organizational Development
Taida Horozovic | 24 September 2005

Gender and ICT Issues at Women’s Worlds Congress
Christina Haralanova | 24 August 2005

Resource guide to development organizations and the Internet
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 18 February 2005

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