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The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ... women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.
Louise Otto
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In this section you can find regional researches concerning women and ICT as well as texts that have analytical approach towards the position of women in information society and beyond.

Resource: "Claiming Rights, Claiming Justice: A Guidebook on Women Human Rights Defenders"
| 26 September 2007
A Guidebook on Women Human Rights Defenders is aimed to help women human rights defenders name the specific risks, violations and constraints they face in their work. It presents a practical discussion of the useful mechanisms developed by the state and also the civil society to provide redress and remedy, and to protect women human rights defenders. It is intended to be used by human rights and other organisations to further a gender perspective in the monitoring and documentation of human rights. 

Resource: 20 Key Gender Websites in French
| 9 November 2006
This paper lists twenty websites in French which provide a variety of information on gender. These include sites from southern and northern based organisations and multilateral organisations who are involved in gender equality work and advocating for women’s rights. 

New Report: "Wikis, Webs, and Networks: Creating Connections for Conflict-Prone Setting"
| 9 November 2006
This report recommends ways to improve connectivity between the various actors working in conflict prone settings. The ultimate goal of enhanced connectivity is to enable local populations to prevent and mitigate conflict and help rebuild their country. This report is intended for civilians as well as the military, the public and private sectors, and Americans as well as international and national actors. 

Women’s NGOs and ICTs in Macedonia
Eleonora Delova | 13 May 2006
WITT has a practice of surveying the general ICT needs of women’s NGOs in a country, as a part of developing a training program for those organizations. 

Assessment Of Key ICT Policy Issues And Capacity Building Needs In CEE’s Civil Society
Valentina Pellizzer | 6 December 2005
The main goal of the assessment is to identify priority Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy issues and Civil Society needs in the context of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). 

New Approach: ICTs to Help Violence Against Women
Christina Haralanova | 8 November 2005
ICTs help women from different countries who ask themselves: “How do I use my particular experience and specific knowledge from the region I come from, in order to make a global change in the area of violence against women?” This was the idea, raised by Lin McDevitt-Pugh at a session called: “New Tools for Changing Old Strategies in Combating Violence against Women” during the AWID Forum, held in Bangkok, Thailand between 27th and 30th of October 2005. 

Digital Dangers: Information And Communication Technologies And Trafficking In Women
Lenka Simerska | 26 October 2005
It seems unlikely that whoever coined the term ‘information superhighway’ anticipated that traffic on the Internet would consist of human beings as well as information. How and in what way are the Internet and other ICTs implicated in trafficking is the focus of this issue paper written by The Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP) produced in cooperation with The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). 


Women in Information and Communication Technologies
Lenka Simerska | 6 September 2005

Women in Francophone Africa a Third Less Likely to Benefit from ICTs than Men
Christina Haralanova | 24 August 2005

Gender mainstreaming in poverty eradication and the Millennium Development Goals
Maria Velichkova | 22 June 2005

Research studies on ICT conditions in Macedonia: 2003-2004
Angela Nestorovska | 28 March 2005

Statement on Communication Rights: Vision and Context
Kristina Mihalec | 6 February 2005

The truth about science and sex
| 4 February 2005

Women & Internet: Croatian Perspective
Kristina Mihalec | 10 January 2005

Women & Internet: Croatian Perspective Summary
Kristina Mihalec | 19 July 2004

Bridging the Gender Digital Divide in CEE
Lenka Simerska | 27 April 2004

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