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The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ... women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.
Louise Otto
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Get informed about various events organized throught the world by women for women.

Most recent articles:

The 11th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development
| 30 October 2007

November 19, Brussels: ADA Congress 2007, Empowering Youth and Women Towards ICT
Christina Haralanova | 26 October 2007
Why are there so few young women in the domain of informatics? How shall we better promote ICTs as profession? What are the strategies that work out? 

February 8, 2008: Women in Open Source Conference
Christina Haralanova | 30 August 2007

The Women’s Summit 2007: Putting Women at the Heart of Development
| 11 July 2007
Women represent half of the stored talent and potential available to power our country’s economic and social development. They enrich their chosen areas with their education and experience, making valuable contributions as leaders and decision makers. With this in mind, can Malaysia as a nation afford to have women leave the workforce? What more can be done to break down the borders between work and home? 

Freelance writers wanted for APCNews!
Christina Haralanova | 8 May 2007
APCNews in English, APCNoticias in Spanish, and APCNouvelles in French are distributed monthly by APC — a worldwide network supporting the use of internet and information and communication technology (ICT) for social justice and sustainable development since 1990. 

Job offer: Information Technology Consultant in Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP)
Christina Haralanova | 14 January 2007

Call for Writers: Women and ICTs
Christina Haralanova | 12 January 2007
At the forefront of feminist publishing in South Africa for 20 years, the Agenda journal raises debate around women’s rights and gender issues. The journal encourages critical thinking, debate and social activism and strengthens the capacity of women and men to challenge gender discrimination and injustices. 


Call for papers: Gender, development and the media
| 7 January 2007

Call for Submissions: Digital Feminisms: Gender and New Technologies
Christina Haralanova | 6 November 2006

genderIT.org: Calling for Writers
| 14 September 2006

The Next Eclectic Tech Carnival will be in Timisoara, 3-10 September 2006
| 3 July 2006

21-25 August: Know-How Conference, "Weaving the information society: a gender and multicultural perspective"
| 28 June 2006

Automasites: a simple tool to create your own website
Joelle Palmieri | 20 April 2006

Participate in conference for women and information
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 30 March 2006

January 2006: Read the third issue of Digitall Future, the feminist review of WSIS
Christina Haralanova | 6 February 2006

Queer Beograd - Party & Politics Festival
Majda Puaca | 16 December 2005

WSIS 2005 In Tunisia
Melissa Mitchell | 14 November 2005

ACT Women Performing in Ladyfest in Vienna
Zoe Gudovic | 14 October 2005

Transgressing Gender Conference - Zagreb
Zoe Gudovic | 14 October 2005

Conference Women Claiming the Information Society (WOCTIS)
Lenka Simerska | 24 August 2005

Martus Open Source Software and Survey
Kristina Mihalec | 22 June 2005

Hivos starts Media, Information and Communication for Development programme
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 29 April 2005

Feminist Journalists at the World Social Forum 2005
Christina Haralanova | 9 April 2005

Gender and ICT Awards 2005
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 14 March 2005

RDECE ZORE feminist festival in Ljubljana
Zoe Gudovic | 7 March 2005

Beijing 10 chat on women, media and ICT
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 7 March 2005

Eastern European women show leadership at Beijing 10
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 2 March 2005

Crossroads 2006: A Meeting with the Magdalena Project in Asia
milNat | 12 February 2005

Altar films: Film Submissions Wanted
milNat | 12 February 2005

The 13th International Conference of Women in Black
milNat | 12 February 2005

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