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The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ... women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.
Louise Otto
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Sister Links
One of the basic working principles of WITT is networking. Here, you can find links to web sites of womens’ organizations we cooperate with, that we trust, admire and share our goals with.

Invitation: Women and ICTs at the European Feminist Forum
Christina Haralanova | 20 September 2007
Since the end of last year a process has started to prepare the first European Feminist Forum (EFF), planned for 13-15 June 2008. The EFF secretariat had called last year to start ’Affinity Groups’ on different subjects to prepare the Forum, and so a group was started focussing on women and tech, ICT, New Media - called ’agitate’ (Affinity Group InformaTion And new TEchnologies). We are now looking for and inviting more women and women’s groups to join us in this process. The general aim of the group is to increase visibility of women in IT, with a focus on FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) and new media. 

Foundation CURE Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Taida Horozovic | 7 February 2007
Foundation CURE works from Sarajevo city in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and is perhaps the only feminist activist groups that often organizes street actions for combating gender based violence, organizing artistic activist ventures, and in September 2006 organized the first festival of women arts in BiH entitled PitchWise. 

The Network of East-West Women - Polska (NEWW)
Malgorzata Tarasiewicz | 1 February 2007
Founded in 1991 NEWW is and international communication and resource network supporting dialogue, informational exchange, and activism among those concerned about the status of women in Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States, and the Russian Federation. 

Gender Education, Research and Technolgies Foundation
Jivka Marinova | 25 January 2007
Gender Education, Research and Technologies Foundation (GERT) is a Bulgarian not-for-profit organisation, whose mission is to initiate and implement, independently or in partnership with other NGOs activities targeted to enhance gender equality and social & gender justice in all spheres of social life, including access to and benefit from new technologies. 

Ekviva.net: Regional Women Portal Launched
Eleonora Delova | 25 January 2007
Last week, the regional women portal Ekviva.net was official launched. At the moment, the portal gathers information on women issues, as well as civil society topics, in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. It has an international editorial office with editors sitting in Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Belgrade. 

OneWorld Southeast Europe Portal
Valentina Pellizzer | 24 January 2007
In 2003, OneWorld Southeast Europe began as a portal initiative of text and audio news online linking the countries of the region. Today, it has grown into a recognized information service organization and partner for social change, collaborating with around 200 partner organizations across the region and the world. 

Akcija Zdruzenska - Macedonian NGO for gender equality
Eleonora Delova | 22 January 2007
Akcija Zdruzenska works on strengthening and developing the women’s movement in Macedonia, competent in terms of women’s human rights and gender equality issues, in compliance with the global commitments and needs in this field. Organization’s basic determination is to strengthen knowledge, skills and ability for identifying and reacting to the specific needs in Macedonia in the light of gender equality. 


Joelle Palmieri | 22 January 2007

Sexuality Policy Watch website!
| 18 January 2007

FemCities: An Open Platform for Women’s Issues in the City of Vienna
Eva Cruells | 14 October 2005

Globalizacija.com: new online media
Mirjana Dokmanović | 24 August 2005

Women’s Information Center: Georgia
| 22 June 2005

Azerbaijan Gender Information Center
Yelena Kasumova | 28 March 2005

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