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What I wanted to be when I grew up was in charge.
Wilma Vaught
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Trainers’ Exchange Event(s)
Trainers’ Exchange Event - or TEE for short - is an annual WITT trainers gathering event. On this occasion, WITT trainers exchange their knowledge and experience gained throughout the year that has passed. TEE also gives opportunity to invite new potential partners, to promote and develop WITT.
Eastern European Women Transform Communication
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 9 April 2005
Young feminists choose broad movements
Lin McDevitt-Pugh | 5 April 2005
TEE 2005 participants
milNat | 25 March 2005
Local Trainings
Trainigs are the most frequent and the most popular activity of WITT. Find info on what training is happening soon, how to apply, or who the chosen participants are, logistics information, agenda, etc.
ICT Local Training In Macedonia, Report
Eleonora Delova | 15 November 2005
Bulgarian local training, April 2005: Agenda
Maria Velichkova | 22 June 2005
Local training in Bulgaria, April 19-21, 2005
Christina Haralanova, Maria Velichkova | 22 June 2005
We are proud to present activists who are contributing to WITT’s development through networking, exchange and fruitful cooperation.
ICTs development for better society
Maria Velichkova | 14 March 2005
Between north and south is east
Valentina Pellizzer | 7 March 2005
Moldova has a Future ...
Malgorzata Tarasiewicz | 7 March 2005
Browsing through the reports can bring to light how WITT grew through time, and where it is heading. It could show you where the challenges you may run into hide, and how we tackled with them.
WITT Enters New Phase: New Horizon and Structure
Mina Saadadi | 8 November 2005
Skills Development Program (SDP) Report
Natasa Stevanic | 17 March 2005
WITT in Macedonia: FP reports
Eleonora Delova | 9 February 2005

WITT FP Serbia training - Audio for Web

green bullet Mila&SeMra Record
green bullet Impressions from WITT Serbia Training
green bullet My First Audio

WITT bulletin

green bullet The 11th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development
green bullet November 19, Brussels: ADA Congress 2007, Empowering Youth and Women Towards ICT
green bullet February 8, 2008: Women in Open Source Conference
green bullet The Women’s Summit 2007: Putting Women at the Heart of Development
green bullet Freelance writers wanted for APCNews!

green bullet My Impressions from the AWID Forum 2005
green bullet ICT books and online materials for self-education for women
green bullet Invitation: Women and ICTs at the European Feminist Forum
green bullet Women and Free Software: are we strategic enough?
green bullet ICT Local Training In Macedonia, Report

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