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Women & Internet: Croatian Perspective
Kristina Mihalec | 10 January 2005

Research by Kristina Mihalec & Nevenka Sudar within the ENAWA project. Download the PDF English version of the book (full version or by chapter).

Women and Internet: Croatian Perspective, a book, written by Kristina Mihalec & Nevenka Sudar and published in the end of 2003. It links ICT theory and analysis with everyday lives and realities of women in Croatia and Eastern Europe. The goal is to identify problems related to Women and ICTs, and to create “new” theories from a local perspective. This book is the first of its kind, it represents a starting point, a work in progress that will hopefully lead to more in-depth research or similar follow up studies.

The research was funded through the European North America Women Action program entitled “Effective E-Feminism.”


The full version of the book could be downloaded from here (please, note, file size: 1.4 MB):

Zip - 1.4 Mb

You can also download the book chapter by chapter:

PDF - 331 kb
Chapter 1: Introduction
PDF - 141.1 kb
Chapter 2: Regional and National Context
PDF - 276.6 kb
Chapter 3: Statistics Women & Internet
PDF - 165.3 kb
Chapter 4: Women Owned Websites in Croatia
PDF - 95.3 kb
Chapter 5: Women’s Online Activism
PDF - 657.3 kb
Chapter 6: Women and Computers in the Media
PDF - 156.7 kb
Chapter 7: Interviews
PDF - 55.3 kb
Chapter 8: Conclusion
PDF - 225.8 kb
List of Included Web Pages
PDF - 61.8 kb

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