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Nat’s Adventure of Obtaining Her Majesty – The Estonian Visa Part 2
Natasa Stevanic | 16 December 2004

So, the check-in counter lady finally returns with her superior to end my agony. The superior says I can not leave the country without a valid visa for Estonia in my passport. I patiently explain the situation again – noticeable blushing my way through the conversation - that there would be someone waiting for me at the border at the Tallinn airport to welcome me, bring the original visa_obtaining_approval_letter (what a construct!) from the Ministry of Interior and to guide me through the process of obtaining Her Majesty - Visa. She further asks if I have any written proof or a guarantee that I would be issued a visa – and I do not. I asked if this could be sent by fax to them – and they said it could, and gave me their office fax number. I than repeatedly thanked heavens I had recently switched from being a prepaid to a postpaid mobile telephony user and could therefore afford to make an emergency international cell to cell phone call. I dial Zhanna and try to explain her the situation as clearly and as calmly as possible. After I finish the one_breath monologue and start to voraciously catch my breath, I hear her voice saying: “I am so sorry, Natasa. Didn’t you receive my message on Thursday?” What message?! …drama pause… Inhale-exhale… Inhale-exhale… ”You and several other people were rejected for visa. I feel really bad about this…” The rest was kind of blurry… No, I did not receive the message! Which was weird... Finally, the pragmatic side of me managed to get a grip, tell Zhanna it was not her fault I had been rejected and that she shouldn’t feel bad about it. I was in panic due to the costs of the ticket I can not possibly afford to just through in the wind, and I asked her about it. They would gladly cover these costs, she said. Thankfully.


Suddenly, after hanging up, I realized I was very tired, as I stayed up late on the night before - packing and got up early in the morning to do the final preparations. So, I raised my hand, dragged the “virgin” (unopened, untouched, without any silly, highly unpractical and unnecessary presents from Estonia for my friend and family back home) bags in the back trunk of the cab that stopped and got straight back to my small rented heaven. My place was completely darkened with all the shades drown down and all light and sound indicators silent as their plugs were pulled out of the wall sockets. I “killed” my mobile and fixed phone not wanting to be disturbed – not that anyone would call. I knew I would have to call many people to let them know I have not left the country, but at the time being they could have all been left in deception that I am flying above Central Europe on my way to Prague, and eventually - Tallinn. I would call before the time they would expect me to call from Tallinn where the journey would have ended happily and safely.


I slept like a log, and woke up without being bitter. I had things to look forward after all. A stress-relief work-out at the gym, for one!

To be continued...

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