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Mission and aims of WITT
| 19 February 2007

WITT is a European network working in the field of Gender, Transformation, and Information and Communication Technologies. WITT envisions Europe as a place of real democracy in power where genders are completely equal, and women are recognised as driving force of the continent and their inputs to the society are highlighted.

Mission of WITT

WITT sees its mission in promoting Information and Communication Technologies among the women movements as strategic tools for social transformation using gender as a starting point.

Goals and objectives of WITT

By 2010 WITT would like to achieve following strategic goals through the following objectives:

1. Raising the awareness of women’s organisations of the power of ICTs as strategic tools for activism through knowledge sharing. This includes:

a. Regularly publishing information about ICT policies, benefits of using ICTs, related research, networks and examples of effective cooperation, with emphasis on good practices, methodologies and materials for gender empowerment on WITT web site.

b. Promoting free software in order to ensure the freedom of access, choice, and content, connectivity, sharing, modifying ICT processes and our lives through all WITT activities.

2.Building capacity of women’s organisations through providing knowledge for ICTs skills development. This consists of:

a. Creating a group of 30 trainers for various ICTs topics who will be able to design and deliver trainings in 10 languages in Europe.

b. Training 180 women organisations representatives from 10 countries in ICTs skills addressing their specific needs.

c. Spreading the WITT organizations pool by including two more FPs in period of 2006/7.

d. Building further the organisational and individual members’ capacity of WITT through Skills Development Program in order to increase the level of expertise and insure quality of knowledge WITT trainers are transferring.

3. Making the work of women organisations visible and accessible through providing an open ICT platform for networking, exchange and debate. This includes:

a. Establishing and maintaining the web mail and lists server based on open platform and provide hosting services to women’s organisation.

b. Providing women’s organisations with the opportunity to publish their information on WITT’s web site and use it as a learning tool.

c. Bringing together women organisations representatives at the sub regional, regional and European level to share knowledge, experience and good practices in area of Gender, Transformation and ICT’s with a special focus on East-West exchange using Trainers’ Exchange Event as meeting point.

4. Creating strategic partnerships with other organisations in the area of ICTs for purposes of advocating for social transformation through:

a. Initiating discussions and critical analysis on information society and human development through WITT’s web site.

b. Influencing ICT communication rights (access, control, and connectivity, content) policy related to our filed by participating in various events related to gender and ICT policy issues from a gender and feminist perspective. 5. Informing large public about the impact of the ICT strategies and effective processes of its implementation on economical, social and political situation of women’s lives in Europe by

a. Presenting results of Needs Assessment Survey WITT Focal Points conducted/will conduct in their respective countries and publish them on our web site.

b. Gathering the examples of good practices and different strategies in the area of ICT and provide the interested parties with them.

Strategic tools

In order to accomplish our strategic goals we will be providing primarily women organisations and activists with:

- Training - design and delivery
- Tool kits
- Skills development programme
- Consultancy
- Portal
- Hosting server
- Platform for exchange of information, experience and good practices at local, and regional level
- Research

WITT values

In our work we value and apply:

- Participatory way of working
- Shared decision making process
- Transparent and constructive communication
- Creative dialogue
- Respect and acceptance of mutual differences
- Continuous knowledge and expertise development and improvement
- Mutual exchange of knowledge, tools, methodologies, as well as resources.

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