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International Objectives of WiTT
Kristina Mihalec | 7 February 2005

The broader picture of WiTT’s objectives

WiTT reflects and affirms its support for the objectives as outlined in: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; UNESCO’s Medium Term Strategy; The Millennium Development Goals (MDG); sections of the World Summit on Information Society Action Plan (WSIS), Priority Statement of the WSIS-Gender Caucus; Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination (CEDAW); the Beijing Platform for Action, specificallysection J.; along with other similar international, regional and national documents, to promote gender equality and women’s rights. WiTT follows similar principles as how we envision the Internet; free, open, transparent, inclusive, and active.

WiTT’s objectives, aims, goals, and activities are in agreement with and reflect the following international documents. [1]

Women and Media - Section J - of the Beijing Platform for Action - has two strategic objectives:
- Strategic objective J.1. Increase the participation and access of women to expression and decision-making in and through the media and new technologies of communication.
- Strategic objective J.2. Promote a balanced and non-stereotyped portrayal of women in the media.

Priority Issues of the WSIS Gender Caucus, Geneva, July 2002 (PREPCOM 1)
1. Capacity building and training to support wide participation by women and gender ICT specialists in policy and decision making at all levels in the ICT sector ; and to support women’s greater access and control over resources necessary for their empowerment.
2. Facilitating women’s active participation in the ICT sector through programmes that encourage and support entrepreneurship and women’s employment.
3. Reform of decision-making processes in the ICT sector to ensure good governance, greater accountability to all stakeholders and to improve the participation and representation of women and gender equality advocates in all levels of policy making including participation across generations;
4. Ensuring that ICTs contribute to the goals of peace, equality and development by including plans to develop and encourage innovative ICT applications in conflict resolution and peace building, supporting women’s reproductive and productive roles, in education and literacy programmes and in reducing violence against women; and,
5. Support for the recognition of a Universal Right to Communicate in the international human rights framework and participation of the women’s human rights community as a key partner in the development of these rights and activities.

Giving attention to these priority issues will contribute to the elaboration of the six themes identified by the WSIS organizers and ensure that the deliberations make a difference in the quality of life of all women and men, in particular marginalized women.

WSIS Action Plan Areas:
- Access to Information and Knowledge
- Capacity Building
- Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Local Content
- Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society
- Inclusion on civil society

UNESCO’s Medium Term Strategy, 2002-2007 (31 C/4):
- Promoting empowerment and participation in the emerging knowledge society through equitable access, capacity-building and sharing of knowledge
- Promoting the free flow of ideas and universal access to information
- Promoting the expression of pluralism and cultural diversity in the media and world information networks
- Access for all to information and communication technologies, especially in the public domain

Millennium Development Goals:
- Promote gender equality and empower women
- Develop a global partnership for development

Please see WiTT’s objectives, in the section About WiTT.

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