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OneWorld Southeast Europe Portal
Valentina Pellizzer | 24 January 2007

In 2003, OneWorld Southeast Europe began as a portal initiative of text and audio news online linking the countries of the region. Today, it has grown into a recognized information service organization and partner for social change, collaborating with around 200 partner organizations across the region and the world.

Registered as a foundation in 2005, OneWorld – platform for Southeast Europe (OWPSEE) envisions an active and efficient online community in South East Europe, unified in efforts to impact faster democratic developments and positive social change within civil societies of the region, and cooperating through interactive platforms at local, national, regional and international levels.

As a mission driven organization, OWPSEE has identified areas of special interest the organisation will focus between 2006 and 2008 such as:

- Local content in local languages – further developing our multimedia and multi-language portal, promoting and facilitating the production of local content by civil society organizations (CSOs) using new technologies.

- Capacity building, knowledge sharing/transfer – strengthening the abilities, role, and engagement of civil society organizations in Information Communication Technology (ICT) through our projects and collaboration on other organizations’ programs.

- Networking and Regional cooperation models – expanding and strengthening the network(s) of CSOs, and promoting and generating sustainable regional cooperation models, aiming to create and offer an accessible, dynamic environment where communities, civil initiatives, and individuals can take part in knowledge exchange and transfer.

Two cross-cutting issues are an integral part of all our work: Information and Communication Open Policy and Gender Sensitive Approach.

To learn more, visit the OneWorld Southeast Europe Portal

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