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It’s important to remember that feminism is no longer a group of organizations or leaders. It’s the expectations that parents have for their daughters, and their sons, too. It’s the way we talk about and treat one another. It’s who makes the money and who makes the compromises and who makes the dinner. It’s a state of mind. It’s the way we live now.
Anna Quindlen
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Cyberfeminism: From Theory to Practice
Christina Haralanova | 20 July 2006

Despite the growing number of women online, the content and culture of the internet remain male-dominated. Young women exploring the internet often encounter hateful material, violence, sexism, homophobia, racism, pornography, etc., which may cause discomfort and make the internet an unwelcome place for some.

Cyberfeminism and the debates around what cyberfeminism is have been around since the mid 1990s. It is a feminism that goes above looking at the impact of new information communication technologies (ICTs) for women to recognize that computers, cyberspace and ICTs are all unavoidable aspects in our lives and have meaningful impact on us. Cyberfeminism looks at the ways in which our conceptualization of gender and technology has shifted and the ways that these new conceptualizations shape our lives.

Cyberfeminism, while deeply entrenched in theory, has a fundamental basis in our daily lives. Feminist and feminist organizations are using ICTs to claim space in cyberspace and are harnessing the tools available to them to move their issues and concerns forward. While there maybe discussions centering on the definition of cyberfeminism in theoretical terms the everyday picture of women using the net for feminist ideals is apparent and ever growing on the Internet. This article will look at both the theoretical stumbling blocks and the ways in which feminists are utilizing the tools made available to them through ICTs.

Read the whole book, published online: Cyberfeminism: From Theory to Practice

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