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21-25 August: Know-How Conference, "Weaving the information society: a gender and multicultural perspective"
| 28 June 2006

The Know How Conference on the World of Women’s Information (Mexico City, 21-25 August 2006) is a process of sharing knowledge and expertise between women’s information specialists throughout the globe. It merges from the necessity of communicating experiences in information organization related to women.

The mission of the Know How Conference 2006 is to advance gender justice and respect for every nation’s cultural diversity within the information society, and promote access to information and communication as a fundamental women’s and human right.

Know How 2006 has the following objectives:
- To establish strategies that will promote the use of women’s information to improve women’s lives.
- To develop a strategic plan aimed at narrowing the information/digital gap for women.
- To share strategies that address the accessibility and availability of information for indigenous, excluded and rural women.
- To found a Latin American Network of Information Centers and Libraries on Women’s and Gender Studies.

Librarians in women’s libraries, information activists, journalists from across the globe will discuss Globalization, Media and Communication, the Digital Gap, Library Developments, Strategies for Financing and Marketing, and Access to Information for Indigenous Women. They will plan cooperative activities. provides the information.

The host, Gender Studies Program (PUEG) of the University of Mexico (UNAM), together with the Know How Secretariat invite you to join us in a week of inspiration, learning and planning for a future with access to information and communication that is fundamental to women’s and human rights.


The role of information and communication services around the world ensure that women, women’s organizations, public policy makers, researchers and media have access to relevant information. This contributes to the advances and growth of women in the local, regional and international level.

Know How Conference has been created as an international community for increasing the needed abilities in order to provide information, learn from colleagues and to be an influence in the world of information.

Know How Conference is a growing activity. The community meets physically every four years. Since Know How established as it is, two conferences took place, the first one in 1998 and the second in 2002. Every Conference is organised for a Know How community partaker.

Up to now, the members of the Conference are libraries, documentation centers, information centers on Internet, archives specialized on women and gender studies. Potential members of the Know How Community are all those dedicated to the creation and dissemination of information for the empowerment of women, such as people from the media, public officials and researchers among others.

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