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January 2006: Read the third issue of Digitall Future, the feminist review of WSIS
Christina Haralanova | 6 February 2006

The third issue of Digitall Future, the international feminist magazine is now available. This edition will focuses on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) that was held in Tunisia from 16-18 November 2005.

The bilingual publication (French and English) highlights in articles and features the following subjects:

- communication rights,
- ICTs and poverty,
- information democracy,
- the free software movement and privatization policies,
- pornography and sex trafficking through ITs,
- newly created UN financial policies and the legitimacy of the private sector.

It also features a debate between four women activists from different countries, who share their point of view on whether women’s expectation of WSIS have been fulfilled.

Another focus of this issue is the state of human rights in Tunisia, the host of the WSIS, and the repression of the freedom of expression in that country.

Digitall Future offers a photo gallery by Digitall Future photographer Malala Fontan from Argentina. The photos portray daily life in the host city of Tunis.

Digitall Future is a product of Enawa, the European North American Women Action - a network realized under co-direction of Les Pénélopes in France and the International Information Centre and Archives for the Women’s Movement (IIAV) in the Netherlands.

The magazine gathers the articles of a team of feminist journalists from Asia, Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern and Western Europe.

The 16 pages magazine is available from January 2006. Digitall Future has a specific circulation policy: it is free to movements, NGOs, associations, organisations… internationally whether they choose or not the option to sell the magazine at a unit price of € 3,50, the profit margin (€ 1,30 per copy sold) would then be used to fund projects or local campaigns, any operation that would then be publicised by the title and its partners. Digitall Future joins in this way the international movement of Solidarity Economy. To order (as many copies as you can use) of the third issue of Digitall Future please write to: pr@iiav.nl.

Summary of DF n° 3

- Editorial: In Tunis to Echo the Unheard Voices, by Mina Saadadi/IIAV

- Back to WSIS: A Difficult but Interesting Learning Process, by Dafne Sabanes Plou/APC WNSP

- Letter From No Man’s Land, by Niala Maharaj

- "Expression under Repression", by Mina Saadadi/IIAV

- Keeping up Women’s Expectations of WSIS Remain Unfulfilled, by Christina Haralanova/GERT

- Some Activists Portraits

- What’s up: Social Forums Are Travelling Around the World, by Mina Saadadi/IIAV

- Will ICT Reduce Poverty?, by Niala Maharaj

- Two Women Lobby for Communication Rights, by Dafne Sabanes Plou/ APC/WNSP

- WSIS Governed by Proprietary Software, by Christina Haralanova/GERT

- What If NGOs Are Some Object of Decoration?, by Fariba Oveysai/ Dokhtarak & Women Research

- Out and about Tunis – Heads or Tails, Photos by Malala Fontan


Editor in Chief: Joelle Palmieri, Les Pénélopes
Agence internationale femmes informations/ International women’s information service
21, rue Voltaire - 75011 Paris - France

Preview Digitall Future online at www.enawa.org

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