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Queer Beograd - Party & Politics Festival
Majda Puaca | 16 December 2005

Beograd, Ex-Yugoslavia, December 16-18th 2005

Following the success of the first Queer Beograd festival we have decided to present an event before next year’s main festival.

’QUEER BEOGRAD PARTY AND POLTICS’ - three days of seminars, films and cultural events. Queers sharing stories, making parties, talking politics, creating change!

Queer Beograd is a collective working to create events on an ongoing basis which develop a radical queer politcs and culture in Beograd. Our december event will motivate discussions on politics that go beyond asking for equality, to taking action on the interconnected issues of freedom of sexual diversity, radical feminism, anti facism, racism and anti capitalism.

The event will feature artists and activists from the south east region as well as western europe, collaborating at a cultural level and sharing their stories on panels and in workshops. This is an opportunity to compare and contrast the situation of queer people in different locations. By combining a cultural, political and theoretical programme we explore how ideas and grassroots action can combine to improve our day to day lives, and on a larger scale how to increase the social and cultural space available to queer people in the balkans and else where. See you there!

For more info on location and program please send e-mail to: queerbeograd@yahoo.co.uk

 Few Notes 

:: Working language of the festival is English::

:: Participacation fee is 100Dinars (about 2€) – all donations welcome, no one will be declined entrance for lack of funds ::

:: Food on the festival will be vegetarian and vegan, volunteers for cooking crew are welcome, one warm meal per day will be provided for all participants ::

:: Accommodation is in private houses. Please bring a sleeping bag! ::

:: This festival is financed trough benefit parties/events organized by various collectives from Europe and USA, and trough cooperation with small number of low-fi funding organizations ::

:: Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism and violence will not be tolerated during this festival, should you experience any of these problems please report them to organization crew ::

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