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Transgressing Gender Conference - Zagreb
Zoe Gudovic | 14 October 2005

Below is the announcement for the Transgressing Gender Conference taking place in Zagreb from October 7 - 9. If you are around please stop by!!!

Transgressing Gender Conference:

Two is not enough for gender (e)quality

Zagreb , Croatia

7 – 9 October 2005

The socially constructed concepts of sex and gender must be challenged. Now than ever before these concepts are becoming increasingly fluid and easily questioned. As the struggle for gender equality and freedom of gender expression intensifies, communities that should be working together are increasingly divided. What does this mean to the sisterhood of feminism when a person born with male genitaila and will never menstruate wants to be accepted as female? Can a person assigned the category of male at birth ever be considered a woman? What should occur when a baby is born with “ambiguous” genitalia? Furthermore, is gender socially constructed or are gender specific traits present at birth? Can an androgynous person exist within a gender free identity? Can a man with a vagina refer to himself as a man? Where do human rights play a role in gender identity? Is gender a human rights issue? Questions of this sort are impacting communities all over the world and it’s time to pose solutions to problems within socially constructed categories of sex and gender. And so, the Transgressing Gender Conference is introduced: Two is not enough for gender (e)quality.

The first of its kind in Central and South Eastern Europe The Transgressing Gender conference is being organized to initiate discussion surrounding interconnected issues of feminism, gender, and transgender in order to gain a better understanding of gender oppression, violence, transphobia, and genderphobia. A goal is to redefine and clarify existing definitions of gender. Organizers are attempting to reach out to a diverse group of people with different gender identities. Those behind the Transgressing Gender conference represent a mixed demographic covering various categories of identity including but not limited to feminists of all genders, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, transgendered individuals, and heterosexuals. The conference will combine concepts of feminism, transgender, and various gender perspectives in search for more efficient mechanisms to further gender rights and freedoms. The goal is to make an impact on a national and international level. The format of the conference will include academic papers, presentations, workshops and performances relating to the intersection of transgender and feminist perspectives and the implications of challenging and transforming traditional gender norms.

The conference strongly seeks to empower people in the struggle to redefine traditional gender categories and roles and bridge the gaps between those existing within different categories of gender identity. It is imperative to create alliances between diverse groups concerned with gender issues and gender freedoms. The language of the conference will be conducted in English, however, part of the program will be held in local languages.


  • To introduce transgender issues into gender equality and feminist debates
  • To develop a discourse on the meanings and concepts of gender(s) and gender equality
  • To identify common grounds for action and create a network that will support future (regional) actions and activities and unite and empower the gender rights movement
  • To foster dialogue between diverse groups concerned with gender and gender issues
  • To provide a space for articulating experiences relating to gender politics
  • To produce theoretical and practical knowledge on the interconnectedness of gender, feminism, and transgender concepts
  • To open up resources for further education on gender issues, freedoms, and rights

Conference fee: 60 Euros; 30 Euros for students and those unemployed

Method of payment: cash, on site.

The fee covers conference materials, refreshments and lunch during the conference.

A total maximum of 100 people can participate in this conference. All conference participants must fill out the registration form by 1 September 2005. All participants will be notified about the status of their registration by 10 September. The registration form for the conference is available at www.tgenderzagreb.com.

The conference team will provide assistance in locating and reserving accommodations. However, we regret that we will be unable to cover travel and accommodation expenses for all participants. All applicants are strongly advised to seek funding from other sources.

Limited financial assistance will be offered for travel and accommodation expenses for select participants from Central and South Eastern Europe.

For more information and updates about the conference and to obtain an application for financial support please visit www.tgenderzagreb.com or email GenderZagreb2005 @yahoo.com.

Please share this announcement with colleagues, friends, and acquaintances that may be interested as all would gain from experiencing the Transgressing Gender conference!

This conference is supported by COC Netherlands, Mama Cash, and Kvinna Till Kvinna.

Best regards,

Conference Team


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