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Feminist Journalists at the World Social Forum 2005
Christina Haralanova | 9 April 2005

The World Social Forum: a meeting place for social movements. The DigitallFuture team was there, reporting from the Forum and publishing daily through a number of websites.

In January 2005, for the fifth time, trade unions, NGOs, and other social movement actors discussed their future together in a world confronted by wars, disasters, economic and social injustice and discrimination. Women’s rights and feminism were present at the WSF in a number of events, demonstrations, panel discussions and debates.

DigitallFuture was there, reporting from the Forum and publishing daily through a number of websites, including Les Penelopes.

Now a selection of the articles and analysis from the event and its key issues are available in tabloid form. DigitallFuture No 2 will be published on April 1st 2005.

DigitallFuture is a bilingual feminist quarterly magazine produced by an international team of activist writers. It analyzes international events from a feminist perspective, interpreting local situations in a global context. It uses information to service social movements.

Distributed free where it is needed, DigitallFuture can also be sold by local groups that share Digital Future’s philosophy. The money generated by these sales will be used for local activism.

Summary of Digitall Future n°2:


- Women’s activism at the World Social Forum, by Dafne Sabanes Plou / APC /WNSP

Back to

- Collective strategizing: a challenge to the women’s movement, by Dafne Sabanes Plou / APC WNSP
- On the sunny side of the street, by Dominique Foufelle / Les Pénélopes
- Landless peasants were also there, by Mina Saadadi / IIAV

Keeping up
- Free software for free women, by Christina Haralanova / GERT
- Some activists portraits

What’s up

- Why should women attend the World Summit of Information Society? by Mina Saadadi / IIAV
- Tie a white band, fight poverty!, by Christina Haralanova / GERT
- Latin American and Caribbean women get ready for feminist encounter, by Dafne Sabanes Plou / APC /WNSP
- Sharing and living her feminism, by Christina Haralanova / GERT
- Land means dignity to indigenous people, by Blanca Chancoso/ Confederation of Indigenous Nations in Ecuador

Out and about

- Porto Alegre - WSF or not, photos from Malala Fontan

Price: EUR3.50 per copy for those that can pay plus postage costs.

To order: write to IIAV, Obiplein 4, 1072 JB Amsterdam, the Netherlands, email m.saadadi@iiav.nl or fax 31-20-6650820.

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