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An adequate cartography is necessary to invent a new waymark and then to produce resistances’ strategies that can cope with the complexity of our times.
Rosi Braidotti
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Moldova has a Future ...
Malgorzata Tarasiewicz | 7 March 2005

Alina Dorosh/Moldova National Women’s Studies and Information Centre.

The situation in Moldova is harsh in general, but Alina has many thoughts about making the lives of women in her country better. First they should become aware of the opportunities open to them, including the new economic opportunities.

"Women are too dependent economically and psychologically on men. They often do not work but stay at home. There are not enough women in politics." From the conversation with Alina, you might get the impression that women in Moldova are altogether lost.

This is definitely not so in Alina’s case. She made a professional career as a university teacher. Since she understood that it is important to make women conscious of their rights, she set straight to work. Together with other women she started the National Women’s Studies and Information Centre in 1998. She works there as a consultant and trainer. After a few years of existence, they are enjoying their first big successes.

Alina has also had a first big success of her own – the design and implementation of her own project – legal training for women. Women say it was a real help, because they are only starting to learn their rights. But this is only a beginning for Alina and her friends. Her ultimate goal is to spread her organization. She wants small women’s centers all over Moldova.

This is a lot of work, so Alina does not want to waste time. She uses her teaching job at the university to share her ideas with students. There is a purpose in everything she does – she is a perfectionist, sometimes very hard on herself. But is serves her purpose. Not allowing herself to make mistakes or to hesitate, she thinks over everything she does. She wants to be sure of the results because there is so much to do.

Alina’s inspiration is her little niece whom she deeply loves. "When I look at her, I see a light and a perspective, and I am sure that Moldova has a future," she says.

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