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An adequate cartography is necessary to invent a new waymark and then to produce resistances’ strategies that can cope with the complexity of our times.
Rosi Braidotti
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Between north and south is east
Valentina Pellizzer | 7 March 2005

With a red scarf around her waist Kristina Mihalec, Croatia, coordinator of Women and Information Technology Transfer (WiTT), explains her vision of the Internet as a strategic and creative tool for women’s inclusion. For her, WiTT is a way to bring an Eastern perspective into the global discussion about north and south, rich and poor.

Listening to the story of Kristina’s life, the path becomes very clear. She studied anthropology and international law and learned how to use the computer and how to design websites by herself, becoming an active member of the virtual community. To confirm what she said about including the eastern perspective in the global discussion on Gender and ICT policies (http://www.dev.witt-project.net/rubrique39.html), she is now in Croatia where her parents are from, instead of in Canada, where she grow up.
Her perspective as coordinator of the WiTT team is very much focused on strengthening women’s access to information and resources and on what is most important to make those available in the local languages of the region. She thinks that WiTT has to be: “A way to develop women’s leadership in the region and their ability to engage and disseminate information at three levels: national, regional and international”.
Last but not least she intends to use the Internet as a way to overcome the hierarchical structures that still affect local civil society and deny or limit participation. She describes the Internet as: "A direct link that offers young feminists and women a way to get involved in issues relevant for them and their lives".

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