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If divorce has increased by one thousand percent, don’t blame the women’s movement. Blame the obsolete sex roles on which our marriages were based.
Betty Friedan
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Research studies on ICT conditions in Macedonia: 2003-2004
Angela Nestorovska | 28 March 2005

Two recent opinion research studies focus attention on the use of ICTs in Macedonia, as well as on attitudes and opinions toward their use.

ICT for better society

In the period between September 2003 and January 2004, two opinion research studies were conducted in Macedonia by Metamorphosis in cooperation with two professional opinion research agencies, Strategic Marketing and Media Research - Macedonia, and BRIMA Gallup, Macedonia.

The first study consisted of two surveys: "Usage, Attitude and Opinion of the citizens about ICT" and "Usage, Attitude and Opinion of decision makers about ICT." These studies were conducted by Strategic Marketing and Media Research - Macedonia.

The research aimed to shedding light on two general areas:
1. Knowledge about information communication technologies: the possession of communication technologies, computer programs and their applications, the language of computer technology, and so forth.
2. Usage of new technologies: family usage, usage of computers (forms and types of use, operating systems in use), usage of the Internet (forms and types of use, maintenance services and providers, etc.).

You can find the narrative report “General Data on ICT conditions in Macedonia: 2003-2004” here.

PDF - 228.4 kb

The second project was conducted in March 2004 by BRIMA Gullup, Macedonia. The main objectives of this research were to explore:
- NGOs and usage of IC Technology;
- The use of Internet services in NGOs’ activities;
- NGOs’ management teams, NGOs’ members and IC Technology;
- NGOs and their websites;
- NGOs and their computer equipment, resources and needs;
- Planned or completed projects connected with multimedia, Internet or other ICT technology; and,
- The use of software and open software

You can find the presentation: "NGOs in Macedonia related to their ICT equipment and their views on the development and use of the ICT in the country" here.

PowerPoint - 965.5 kb

"If we accept that the public opinion has the function of mobilizing or activating, then it is very relevant that the attention, besides on the always actual political and economic issues and the problems in the society, is directed towards issues in the sphere of so-called information-technology structural changes, which is directly reflected in every segment of the social life. It is a matter of the ‘new’ communication technologies, which if not today then almost tomorrow, will have strong impact on each individual regardless of his/her position in the social scale. It is becoming clearer that the new technologies can activate but also derange the mind, they can democratize and pluralize both information and fun, or they can act in direction of their harmonization and control. This generates the intentions to define their importance and role in the reality of Republic of Macedonia."
(Vesna Sopar; “General Data on ICT conditions in Macedonia: 2003-2004”; Skopje 2004).

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