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16 Days of Activism 2004 in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Taida Horozovic | 13 February 2005

For the global campaign of 16 Days of Activism 2004 fighting violence against women, an informal group of young women and men activists from Sarajevo organized their calendar of activities for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). With a low budget and with at least 200% of enthusiasm dedicated to the action (add all available talents to that) the result was a dynamic plan for implementing activities during the period between Nov. 25th and Dec. 10th.

Guided by the theme fro 2004 which is health, the aim of the BiH actions was to reach as many diverse publics as possible and have educational, inspiring, political, creative activities. We organized street actions, public debates in the Chamber of Foreign Trade BiH, literature evenings with women authors, DJ workshops for girls and young women, self-defense courses, yoga sessions, creative workshops (arts and crafts), but our efforts were also directed towards cyberactivism/cyberfeminism (to create lively activities online in order to mobilize even more people). Our online activities included mailing lists, updates via e-mail, open forums and “sites” on popular or most visited Sarajevo web portal, clubs and chat opportunities. These were not very well visited.

We were fortunate to have a volunteer on board who is a professional web designer for his own webzine and who created a website for this informal, alternative and voluntary Action. The site was promoted and well visited, over 500 hits since the Action begun till mid December. Considering this was an informal core group and coordinated activities sort of ad hoc, the number of hits on the site (that was from all over the world, mostly the US) we could say it was well visited. The site is in Bosnian only, but with many pictures.

The Action also included distribution of materials such as what to do in situations of violence, what is 16 Days of Activism, what international documents were ratified by our government and how much was (not) done to fulfill those signed obligations. The response to the Action came from all types of media (printed, electronic, online), women groups and other partner groups (conscientious objection, queer, and other) and various professionals was shockingly positive and encouraging.

All in all, we cannot wait to do it all again!


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