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Crossroads 2006: A Meeting with the Magdalena Project in Asia
milNat | 12 February 2005

Magdalena Singapore is organising International Women’s Theatre Festival during 2006...

Magdalena Singapore is organising the following International Women’s Theatre Festival during 2006:

  • Title
    The festival will be entitled, Crossroads 2006: A Meeting with the Magdalena Project in Asia.
  • Duration/Location
    The festival will take place from 10–19 Jul 2006 in Singapore.
  • Theme
    The theme of the festival will be ‘Crossroads’. The intermingling of different performance practice and cultures in the twenty-first century have resulted in the increasing potential, relevance and necessity of dialogue between practitioners of different disciplines and cultures, as well as between practitioners and audience. Singapore, long viewed as a multicultural society situating itself at a geographical, social and cultural crossroads between the East and West, is an ideal and relevant location to host a festival where this phenomenon can be investigated and negotiated.

    Crossroads 2006 aims to:

    • Promote exchange, dialogue and process work amongst women artists from around the world;
    • Connect Singaporean art and culture with that of Asia and the rest of the world by highlighting Singaporean arts and culture to an international audience comprising prominent arts practitioners (e.g. performers, directors, academics) from five continents;
    • Expose Singaporean artists and audiences to different forms of performance practice, theory, skills and ideas;
    • Consolidate Magdalena Singapore within the international Magdalena Project network;
    • Spread the Magdalena ethos of learning and networking amongst women in the contemporary arts within the Asian, particularly Southeast Asian, region.
    • Provide a unique opportunity for Asian women artists to meet and dialogue with practitioners from other regions, and vice versa
  • Programming/Invitation
    Magdalena Singapore is in the midst of planning its programme for Crossroads 2006. We are looking for women artists who are willing to conduct work demonstrations and/or short workshops as a means of sharing their craft. Opportunities to showcase full-fledged theatrical performances, performance art and visual art are also available, but limited.

    Hence, Magdalena Singapore would like to invite women artists, especially from Asia, who are interested in being featured within Crossroads 2006 to submit their
    (a) resume,
    (b) work portfolio (including photos and videos),
    (c) detailed project proposal (including technical specifications) for our consideration, as well as
    (d) information about how you will be able to fund your participation in Crossroads 2006.

    Please send your hard copy material to: Magdalena Singapore, c/o The Substation, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936, Republic of Singapore. Alternatively, please email soft copy material to: magdalena_singapore@yahoo.com.sg.

    Deadline for applications: 30 June 2005.

  • Participation Information
    Currently, Magdalena Singapore is unable to provide information about its detailed programming, festival participation fees and accommodation/food costs. We hope to begin supplying such information by October 2005.

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